Sunday, September 4, 2011

For the Love of a Cupcake...

I'm not a big fan of waiting for things. It's the whole lack of patience thing—waiting on line to buy something or to eat at a restaurant doesn't thrill me. But it's a part of life, so I've become a bit more tolerant of waiting as I've gotten older.

And waiting is certainly part of the game when you want to eat at a restaurant owned by a celebrity chef (or one featured on a reality show), or a restaurant featured in the media. (There's a pizza place in Phoenix that Oprah Winfrey called the best ever, and people routinely wait four hours to eat there. Same as the bakery featured on the reality show Cake Boss.)

I've loved cupcakes since grade school, so the current cupcake craze is one I'm enjoying as much as someone one Weight Watchers can. And I've long wanted to go to Georgetown Cupcake but, because it is featured on the TLC series DC Cupcakes, crowds routinely look like the picture atop this post (the waits for a while on weekends were as long as three hours), so I've avoided it. (And it's not like Georgetown is an easy place to visit on a weekend anyway.)

Today we took a trip into DC, and on the way home, thought we'd drive into Georgetown to see what the line was like at Georgetown Cupcake. It didn't look too bad, but as always, parking is a challenge. And then W spotted a space right on M Street, the main street in Georgetown. A free space, to boot. Now, I don't believe in divine intervention, but when there is a free parking space a block from Georgetown Cupcake, that's a sign from God saying Get a cupcake.

So we did. We waited maybe 10-15 minutes and picked up a red velvet and a peanut butter fudge cupcake. Well worth the wait, both today and in our delay visiting the store. And pretty affordable, too!

Check it out: They mail cupcakes, too!

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