Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A blogger looks at 43...

(All apologies to Jimmy Buffett for corrupting the title of his song.)

Today has been a remarkable day. The world has been utterly fixated on the fact that for the last time this century, the month, day, and year are all the same—12/12/12—. Thousands of couples chose today to get married for the luck they expect this special date to bring.

Of course, today is even more remarkable as far as I'm concerned, because it's my birthday. As my family and friends know all too well, I'm fairly obsessed with my birthday because it's my one true chance to be the center of attention, something I love probably more than I should.

I turned 43 today, and although my father joked that it didn't seem possible that he could be old enough to have a child my age, I don't have a problem hitting what I'll call my "late early 40s." All of the facets of my life might not be exactly where I want them, but I still marvel every day at just how lucky I am. I'm surrounded by people I care about who care about me, and I have the freedom to pursue the things I enjoy, to follow my dreams wherever they lead.

This morning I quoted a line from a Ben Folds song that simply says, "I am the luckiest." Thanks to the magic of social media, I received birthday greetings today from friends old and new, from people who celebrated with me at childhood birthday parties and with cupcakes in our elementary school classrooms. I heard from people I met while attending summer camp for 10 years, from people who were part of my bar mitzvah, including one of my two "bar mitzvah brothers" I shared my day with.

Beyond that, I've heard from people with whom I shared amazing memories, victories, and heartbreaks in high school and college; former colleagues who helped make the daily drone of work more enjoyable; friends with whom I share passions for many different things; and of course, my family and those I love more than anyone.

From this vantage point, 43 looks pretty good! Thanks to all of you who touch my life, in occasional or constant ways. I am a better, happier, and most of all, luckier person because of you, and I'm grateful you shared this incredibly special day—for me and for the world—with me.

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