Monday, February 3, 2020

Book Review: "10 Blind Dates" by Ashley Elston

Good lord, this book is just one giant ball of adorable!!

Sophie’s pregnant older sister is on bed rest, so their parents decide to visit her for Christmas, leaving Sophie to stay with her grandparents and extended family of cousins. But before she heads to her family’s house, Sophie goes to a party to hook up with her boyfriend Griffin, since she'll be missing him for a while.

When Sophie arrives, she overhears Griffin telling his friend he’s happy Sophie will be away and that he’s considering breaking up with her, that she's gotten boring and too serious. Shocked and devastated, she heads to her grandparents’ house.

Before the pressures of school and spending time with Griffin took priority, Sophie used to spend so much time at her grandparents' house, inseparable from two of her cousins and the son of her grandparents' next door neighbor. They used to be like the Four Musketeers, and it isn't long before they fall back into that pattern.

Sophie’s grandmother doesn’t want to see her miserable, so she proposes a plan: let 10 members of the family set her up on blind dates, one a day, and hopefully it will take her mind off her heartbreak. She gets one opportunity to say no to a date as well. While the whole thing makes her a little nervous given certain members of her family (they all insist one set of first cousins are evil), she figures she has nothing to lose.

Some dates are fun and some are ridiculous—like participate in a live nativity scene as Mary, having to fend off a handsy date and a goat enamored with her costume. Her family gets ultra-competitive about all aspects of every date, too, but the whole exercise mostly makes Sophie feel better about things. Of course, Griffin begs and begs for another chance, which confuses her, as does her feelings for a person who has always been out of reach for her.

I predicted what would ultimately happen in this book very early on and yet I didn’t care in the slightest that I was totally right. 10 Blind Dates is so charming, so endearing that I fell in love with it completely. It’s the perfect start to my month of reading mostly rom-coms and romance!!

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