Friday, February 21, 2020

Book Review: "Wild at Heart" by K.A. Tucker

Ah, there's nothing quite like the feeling when the sequel of a book you loved is just as good as its predecessor!

Calla and Josh, the couple at the core of K.A. Tucker’s excellent The Simple Wild (one of my favorite books from last year), are back. After returning home to her sheltered life in Toronto, full of the creature comforts she missed while in Alaska, Calla realizes she’s miserable without Josh. The burly bush pilot feels the same way about her, and comes to Canada to tell her he’d do anything to be with her, even if it meant having to leave Alaska.

Recognizing Josh is only happy when he’s flying, and despite his promise, the fact is, Alaska is his home, she decides to make a life with him there, and start a charter airline company. Their love is intense, but is it strong enough to survive not just the elements, but the time alone Calla must endure, the doubts about their relationship, and Calla’s uncertainty about whether this is the life for her? They buy a log cabin in the woods and Calla works hard to make it a home, but is it the home she wants?

"Am I happy here? I’m happy with Jonah. I love him in a way I didn’t think existed—wholly and resolutely. But am I happy here, in my life? Or have I been fooling myself into thinking that one morning I’ll wake up and things that feel foreign and temporary will finally feel like home?"

Wild at Heart is really a great romance, full of emotion and steaminess and some memorable characters, just like the first book. (Although I missed Agnes and Mabel not being a large part of this book.) The book explores issues of doubt, trust, grief, friendship, self-esteem, communication, and passion, set against the magically mercurial backdrop of Alaska.

While you might be able to read Wild at Heart without having read The Simple Wild, I wouldn't recommend it. First of all, you'll miss all of the backstory, which will help you understand what makes these characters tick, but more importantly, it's a pretty terrific book on its own!

Loved this so much!! I’m honored to have been part of the blog tour for this book. Thanks to Social Butterfly PR, NetGalley, and K.A. Tucker for an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review!

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