Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Book Review: "Not the Girl You Marry" by Andie J. Christopher

Can love win when both people are both out for their own gain? That's the question Andie J. Christopher tries to answer in her latest rom-com, Not the Girl You Marry.

If you loved the movie How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days (with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson), this adaptation of the film which flips the genders may be right up your alley.

Hannah is a to-hell-with-love, feisty event planner always up for a good time. She's known for planning wild events, where people are often loud and boisterous. She’s not into relationships because she’s had her heart broken more than a few times and she doesn't need a man.

Jack is almost too handsome for his own good. He has always wanted to be a serious journalist but instead the magazine he works for realizes he has a face for video, so they have him concentrate on fluff pieces for their video channel, mostly listicles. He also has sworn off relationships for a while because it seems like he’s always wanted too much from the women he’s been with.

When Hannah and Jack meet in a bar, there’s no denying their strong attraction to one another. Both realize, however, they need the other to further their careers. Hannah has to convince her boss she’s in a relationship to be considered for a promotion, because how could someone against relationships oversee weddings? Jack needs to write an article about how to screw up a relationship in order to be granted the opportunity to write a more serious story he hopes will take him off the video path forever. So both pursue the other full-stop, even while feeling guilty about what they're doing.

This is super-steamy and fun, and things unfold pretty much how you’d expect them to. I liked how Christopher explored some more serious issues, like racial identity, in the midst of it all. My one criticism is that things took a little longer to unfold than they do in most rom-coms, and I just wanted everything out in the open. Once I know what is going to happen in a book, I just want it to happen!

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