Sunday, February 23, 2020

Book Review: "More Than Words" by Jill Santopolo

What happens when you start to discover the person you most admired, the truths you most believed in, aren’t what you thought? In Jill Santopolo's More Than Words that question is examined in great detail.

Nina Gregory is the third-generation of the famed Gregory family, owners of two of New York City’s most celebrated hotels. Her father—and her mother, when she was alive—were treated like royalty in the city, and Nina has been raised in that life, to know she’ll take over the company someday. She was always expected to behave the proper way, as if the spotlight was always on her.

Someday may be coming sooner than later, as her father's cancer has returned. She’s worshipped him all her life, and lived her entire life the way he has wanted her to. She's studied what he wanted her to, dressed the way he thinks she should, even dated (or not dated) the men he deemed appropriate. Now she’s in love with her childhood best friend, Tim, whom her father loves as if he was his own son, and whose family is closely intertwined with theirs and the hotels.

But why is it that Nina seems to feel more excitement for her current job as a political speechwriter? And why does any attention from the mayoral candidate for whom she works send her heart racing when she simply feels safe with Tim?

When her father dies, it feels as her world has been torn out from under her, so it makes sense she should lean on Tim and be with him, just as her father always wanted. And she loves Tim, so it makes sense, right?

But as she finds out things in her father’s life and business weren’t what she believed, it leads her to question everything, especially the person she’s become and the love she deserves. She's no longer interested in automatically doing everything she's always done, and that threatens some in her life, especially Tim.

Jill Santopolo sure knows how to tug at the heartstrings, much as she did in her last book, The Light We Lost. This is a well-written book with some serious steam, and it’s pretty compelling. It’s also poignant and emotional and a little predictable, too. Definitely had me hooked though!!

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