Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Book Review: "Nothing More to Tell" by Karen M. McManus

The YA thriller queen Karen McManus has returned with one of her best!

After her favorite teacher was murdered, Brynn was more than happy when her father’s job moved her family away from Sturgis, Massachusetts and Saint Ambrose School. But four years later, Brynn is back for her senior year of high school, licking her wounds after being involved in a scandal with her school newspaper.

When she lands an internship at Motive, a true-crime show, she pitches them on the idea of investigating Mr. Larkin’s murder. Her three classmates—including her ex-best friend Tripp—who found his body always seemed to know more than they said, and they were able to skate away without any scrutiny. What were they hiding?

For four years, Tripp has wanted nothing more than to fade into the woodwork. But somehow, finding Mr. Larkin’s body with two popular classmates catapulted him into the social elite, especially since he didn’t tell the police the truth that day. His friends have never forgotten what he did—and neither has he.

The more Brynn digs into the case the more she discovers lots of inconsistencies that don’t make any sense. And as much as Mr. Larkin was her favorite teacher, it turned out a lot of people weren’t fans of his. Why? What is everyone hiding?

This definitely has Good Girl, Bad Blood vibes but McManus’ signature style sets it apart. There’s more character development in this book than in many of hers, and I’m a big fan of complex characters. If you like mystery/thrillers set in academia, here’s one for you!

Thanks so much to NetGalley and Delacorte Press for the advance copy.

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