Saturday, August 20, 2022

Book Review: "She's Up to No Good" by Sara Goodman Confino

She's Up to No Good is a fantastic story about love, family, and finding happiness.

Boy, I love the way Sara Goodman Confino writes!! I really enjoyed her first book (For the Love of Friends) but this one blew me away, and I’m so grateful to her and Get Red PR Books for sending me a copy!!

Even though Jenna knew her marriage wasn’t great, she never imagined her husband would actually want a divorce. But yet here she is six months later, sleeping in her childhood bedroom, watching movies with her father, and hiding from life.

When her irrepressible grandmother Evelyn plans to visit Hereford, the seaside town in Massachusetts where she grew up, Jenna agrees to accompany her on the road trip. Along the way, she learns about Evelyn’s first love, and how the decisions she made shaped her life—and future generations.

Evelyn’s story fascinates Jenna, and when Jenna meets Joe, the great-nephew of Evelyn’s first love, Tony, she realizes that she went for far too long accepting unhappiness, and that she deserves so much more. She learns more about her grandmother than she ever imagined and those lessons help her consider a fresh start.

I just loved this book so much. It alternates between Evelyn’s story in the 1950s and the present, and it was romantic, funny, and so moving. I’ll be waiting for whatever Confino does next!!

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