Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Book Review: "The Swell" by Allie Reynolds

This thriller doesn’t let up, from start to finish.

Well, after Allie Reynolds took the locked-room thriller to the top of a snowy glacier with Shiver, she’s back, but in the Australian surf this time.

When Kenna learns that her childhood best friend Mikki is engaged to a man Kenna has never met, she leaves her home in the UK and flies to Australia. She hopes to see if the creepy feeling she gets about this guy continues, and if so, she hopes to bring Mikki back to the UK with her.

Kenna finds that while the love between them might not be intense, their love of surfing is definitely mutual. They convince Kenna to join them on a trip to Sorrow Bay, an isolated paradise on the coast, that they, along with some friends, think of as “their place.”

This group of extremely talented and competitive surfers think of themselves as a tribe, and will stop at nothing to keep strangers from finding out about their place. They’re definitely thrill-seekers, risking everything for excitement and victory.

But there are things that don’t seem to add up for Kenna. Why is Mikki acting strangely? If people who have left “The Tribe” did so out of free will, why are some of those same people being reported missing? Someone in the group will stop at nothing to keep those secrets, and Kenna has to fight for her life.

This was definitely a book I had been eagerly anticipating and it definitely lived up to the hype. It feels a little like The Beach but with twists all its own. Reynolds has definitely become a go-to thriller author for me!!

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