Saturday, August 20, 2022

Book Review: "Smells Like Tween Spirit" by Laurie Gelman

Smells Like Tween Spirit heralds the return of one of my favorite fictional mothers/grandmothers!

I’ve really enjoyed Laurie Gelman’s series of books featuring smart-ass mom Jen Dixon (Class Mom, You’ve Been Volunteered, and Yoga Pant Nation) and I’m so glad that her fourth book helped wake me from my reading slump.

Now that her son is in 7th grade, Jen’s days as class mom are over, but much to her surprise she’s now a “mat mom,” as Max has decided to take up wrestling. (She does hate the name “mat mom,” but no one jumps at her suggested name changes.)

While she’s amazed at what being the mom of an athlete entails—including having to wash the gym clothes of a bunch of middle schoolers on occasion—she’s more amazed at the competitiveness of other mothers and the extents to which they’ll go to motivate and cheer for their kids.

But that’s not all Jen has to deal with. Her daughters decide to go into business together and start feuding, her aging parents are becoming more difficult to deal with, and her decision to get to know the students in her spin classes comes with some hilarious results.

What I really enjoy about these books is Jen, and how she’s matured (sort of) through the series. While she still has her smart-ass tendencies, as her son has grown up, she has, too, and as she juggles marriage, motherhood, grandmotherhood, and the realities of aging, her character has become even more well-rounded.

If you enjoy humorous books, dive into this series!

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