Friday, January 20, 2023

Book Review: "Everybody Knows" by Jordan Harper

Jordan Harper's latest is a compelling thriller that reads like a movie.

“…when Mae looks at people, all she sees are secrets.”

When there’s trouble to be covered up, Mae Pruett is on the case. As a “black bag” publicist for one of the most powerful crisis PR firms in Los Angeles, she is one of the people who protects the secrets of the rich and famous, making sure the scandals and foibles are hidden or dismissed away.⁣

One day, her boss and mentor is gunned down, supposedly the victim of a random carjacking. But it was just before he was going to share information on something big he was working on. Coincidence? Mae thinks not. No matter how much she is told not to dwell on her boss’ death, she is determined to figure out what happened. But it will put her in the direct path of companies like hers, shadowy firms paid to keep things secret—no matter the cost.

Thrillers are not my go-to genre but I couldn’t get enough of this book. It read like a movie or crime series and that’s not surprising given that Harper is a television writer. He’s also an Edgar Award-winner, so I’ll definitely be checking out his backlist.

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