Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Book Review: "The Locked Away Life" by Drew Davies

If you’re looking for a book to warm your heart while it chokes you up, look no further!!

Esther is an 82-year-old woman living alone in her once-grand house. She knows that the end of her life is drawing near, so she can’t stop thinking about Thackeray, her one true love. Why did he betray her? Where is he now?

The answer may very well be found online, or as Esther refers to it, the Inter-Net. But how to navigate that scary world? She places an advertisement looking for someone to help her, and it is answered by Bruno.

Bruno is 18 and feels like an outsider in his life. He’s interested in this opportunity so he can make the money he needs to escape and make the changes to his life he desperately wants.

The two form the most unlikely friendship, brought together by the secrets each has and the feelings of loneliness. But can they make each other see how special they are, just how they are?

This really was a beautiful book. It deals with some pretty heavy issues but it’s just so charming at the same time. These characters were really special.

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