Friday, January 20, 2023

Book Review: "Lunar Love" by Lauren Kung Jessen

Are perfect matches written in the stars, or are they found more practically?

Olivia’s grandmother is a legend in the matchmaking business. Her ability to use the Chinese zodiac to find the perfect matches for her clients has resulted in so much happiness through the decades, and the business she created, Lunar Love, is known through LA’s Chinatown neighborhood and beyond.

After passing the business to Olivia’s aunt when she retired, her grandmother is now ready for the company to be led by the next generation—Olivia. She has so many ideas, so much enthusiasm for how to attract a generation more interested in using their phones to find a match.

Imagine Olivia’s surprise when she discovers there’s a company with an app that utilizes the same principles as her grandmother but focuses on “animal attraction.” She’s furious, especially when she discovers that Bennett, the handsome guy she met cute at the bakery, is behind the app. She will not let him destroy her family’s legacy.

As the two battle and banter, they make a deal: each will try to find a match for the other. The first person to fall in love loses. (But do they really?) Will true love flourish because of tradition or something more modern?

This was a really cute book. I’m a sucker for banter as well as the whole enemies-to-lovers thing, so I enjoyed it!

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