Sunday, November 21, 2010

People are Strange...and Kinda Rude...

Admittedly, I find myself with less and less tolerance for people's foibles. But that being said, it seems to me that people are becoming ruder and more self-centered. Does anyone else notice this?

Granted, the most recent experiences I have to bolster my case are all from our time in New York City; however, these instances seem to happen just as frequently back home.

Tonight, as I've already blogged about ad infinitum, we saw Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. About 10 minutes before the show started, a mother and son sat down behind us. She started telling him (in a not-particularly-quiet voice) that he needed to start going through stuff in her house or she was going to give it away. A few minutes later, their conversation devolved into him yelling at her (seriously yelling) about her nagging him about what time he needed to meet her at the theater and he shouldn't be late. Literally, he screamed "Why don't you just leave me the f--k alone?" In the theater. People, pull your stuff together.

I certainly don't expect people to have perfect behavior all the time. But I seem to see more people cutting each other off in traffic, not thanking those who hold doors for them, taking people's parking spaces, slamming into others, etc. And don't even get me started on so-called customer service.

Where did all of this sense of self-importance come from? Are we teaching our children more about lack of accountability than anything else?

Can't we all just get along? Or at least try to coexist peacefully?

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  1. And oh by the way, when did it become OK to yell the f-bomb at YOUR MOM?!