Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I'm Thankful For -- Day 4

Thanksgiving is in 21 days. (Wow.)

On November 1 I started a daily post in which I list one thing (or set of things) I'm thankful for each day. This is actually getting to be fun!

Day 4
Life doesn't always go smoothly and quite often, it doesn't go the way you planned it. (And if that's in general, imagine what my life must be like!) I am thankful for my sense of humor (even if no one else is), because it enables me to not take everything so seriously, and cope a little better when things are tough. If nothing else, it helps me pretend I'm flying high when I'm really not.

And the ability to laugh at myself has helped me out in more embarrassing situations than I'd care to count!

Being able to make other people laugh or feel better is a wonderful thing, too. It's always tremendously gratifying when someone tells you that you made them laugh at a time when they needed it most. So I'm thankful both for the gift of laughter and the gift of a sense of humor.

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