Monday, November 15, 2010

So Much Thankfulness...

Each day since the start of November, I've posted about something for which I'm thankful. Last Wednesday we went to the Dominican Republic for a work "retreat," and with sporadic internet coverage I wasn't able to do my daily posts.

So, without further ado, here's what I was thankful for from Wednesday, November 10-Monday, November 15:

Day 10
In this time of continued economic uncertainty, I am tremendously thankful to have a job that challenges and fulfills me. I am lucky to work with a fun-loving group of people; I am so fortunate that I can dress casually every day (there's something to be said for wearing shorts or whatever I choose each day) and, most importantly, I am thankful to work for a company that offers two additional, amazing perks—our weekly seated chair massages (well worth the hellish commute) and, of course, the incredible, all-expenses-paid trip to the Dominican Republic we just returned from! (I'm not so much thankful for the hellacious sunburn, but it is what it is...)

Day 11
For as long as I can remember, I have been a voracious reader. In elementary school, I looked forward to our weekly library visit more than almost any other class. During many athletic events in summer camp, I could usually be found with a book in my hands. I was reading far beyond my grade level at an early age, which meant I was reading "adult" novels in middle school. (I even was called into the vice-principal's office at one point for reading a somewhat "racy" book in eighth grade.)

I am almost never without a book. Before I got my Kindle, I would pack a ton of books on every trip, because I read so quickly and needed to be prepared in case my flight was delayed or canceled. And even though I'm definitely not supposed to, I even read when I'm stuck in heavy traffic. Reading relaxes me and I'm so thankful it's a pasttime I enjoy, as I've been exposed to some amazing authors and stories.

Day 12
As I've mentioned more than once on this blog, I've never been particularly athletic, and I've struggled with my weight more times than I care to count. About 2-1/2 years ago, we made the decision to start working out at a personal training studio, Fitness Together — Tysons Corner. I made pretty fantastic progress during that time, and exercise has become a regular—and enjoyable—part of my life. (Remember the marathon? That was thanks to Fitness Together.)

While I'm thankful to the trainers at Fitness Together for helping enhance my health and well-being through exercise, I'm more thankful because they actually saved my life. During a routine fitness assessment shortly after joining the gym, they discovered my blood pressure was obscenely high. My doctor began treating this with medication, and fortunately, we've been able to keep it within normal rates. So, I'm most thankful to Fitness Together for the fact I'm still here today!

Day 13
There were some amazing things about our recent trip to the Dominican Republic—the resort where we stayed, the weather, the friendliness of the staff. But what I enjoyed the most, and am most thankful for, was the opportunity to relax.

Those of you that know me well know that I'm, well, fairly high-strung. My last job was tremendously stressful and I worked about 60 hours each week, plus I went directly from one job to the next with only one extra day off. Whenever I've had a few days off, I've always been torn between the desire to do nothing, to do something fun or to take care of all of the errands I generally don't have time to do. So being in the Dominican Republic this past week was amazing, because the most stressful decisions I had to make were whether to relax by the pool or the beach, what book to read next and where we should eat. I am tremendously thankful for the opportunity to relax and thankful for my job that made this trip possible!

Day 14
I'm going to talk just a little bit more about my trip to the Dominican Republic. On the last full day of my vacation, after being tremendously careful the entire time, I got a wicked sunburn all over my shoulders and upper back. You see, you can stand in the pool for more than two hours without reapplying sunblock, and keeping your shoulders under water just taunts the sun!

Fortunately, I didn't get anything worse than first-degree sunburn, but it HURT. I am very grateful the resort gift shop had aloe vera; otherwise I wouldn't have been able to function these last few days. Must do better next time!!

Day 15
As I've been writing these posts about what I'm thankful for, I realize one thing for which I'm thankful (no matter how self-serving it may be) is this blog. I am grateful to have a place to record my thoughts, questions, conniptions, reviews and memories, and thankful that people have taken the time to read what I write. (Although truthfully, I'll keep writing even if no one reads my posts. I talk to myself all the time; this is no different.) Thanks for the creative outlet!

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