Sunday, November 21, 2010

What I'm Thankful For -- Day 21

Thanksgiving is in four days. Egads.

Day 21
The last two days in NYC have been fantastic. Rock of Ages was enjoyable and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson was friggin' incredible. The hotel we've been staying in, a brand-new one called The Pearl, is terrific.

But even better than having a great place to lay our heads and terrific shows to see, today I'm thankful for the wonderful weather we've had as well as the fantastic food we've gotten to eat. We've had our requisite New York bagels (boy, the "New York-style" bagels back in Virginia sure do pale in comparison) and two wonderful dinners. And today we had some absolutely incredible New York pizza at a place called John's, which is located in what used to be the Gospel Tabernacle Church, built in 1887. Amazing food in an amazing location. How could you not be thankful?

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