Friday, November 5, 2010

What I'm Thankful For -- Day 5

Twenty days 'til Thanksgiving!

Each day this month, I'm posting one thing (or set of things) I'm thankful for. This has been a fun exercise so far, because I'm starting to realize just how many things in my life for which I'm grateful.

Bette Midler once said "you've got to have friends..." Boy, I couldn't agree more. Throughout my life, I've been tremendously fortunate to have met some amazingly giving, funny, creative, sensitive, quirky, adventurous, challenging and loving individuals whom I've been privileged to call my friends.

Some friends I've known since I was very young (my friend Lisa and I have known each other for 37 years) and some friends I've not known long, but it's not always the longevity that has made these relationships special. Knowing there are people I can count on when I need them, being able to turn to them for laughter, comfort, support, guidance, advice, a reality check, etc., is one of the things that makes life more enjoyable and, at times, easier to take. And it's tremendously gratifying to know I can provide those same things to my friends as well.

Some friends I talk with and see on a regular basis, while others I don't see or speak with as often, but when we connect it's as if no time has passed. Clearly, Facebook and Twitter have strengthened and restarted those relationships, but that's a whole different day's post!

So on Thanksgiving, and every day, be thankful for each and every friend you have. I know I am.

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