Saturday, November 6, 2010

What I'm Thankful For -- Day 6

Thanksgiving is unbelievably in 19 days. Where is November going?

Each day on my blog I've been posting one thing for which I'm thankful. The hardest part of this exercise? Deciding which thing to highlight each day, as I don't want someone to assume that because something isn't mentioned until Day 12, for example, it's less precious to me than something mentioned on Day 2!

Day 6
As many people know, nearly one year ago we had to put our beloved dog Zeke to sleep after a brief illness. Zeke was a part of my life for nearly 16 years and I was absolutely devastated by his loss. Still, barely a day goes by when I don't think about him or remember something memorable he did.

In the few months following Zeke's death, I couldn't imagine ever wanting to get another dog. But the emptiness in the house—and our lives—became a little too much to bear. And then Quinn came into our lives.

Honestly, even when we thought of getting another dog, a puppy never crossed our minds. But the minute I picked her up at an adoption fair, and she settled into my arms, I knew she was ours. And while raising a high-energy puppy hasn't been without its difficulties, Quinn has brought us tremendous joy and I know she's going to bring so much more fun and excitement into our lives.

So, while I still miss my Zeke tremendously, I'm so grateful to have this little girl in my life!!

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