Monday, November 8, 2010

What I'm Thankful For -- Day 8

Turkey Day in T-Minus 17 days! Despite the fact that I'm going to have to cook like crazy, I'm looking forward to my yearly turkey, stuffing and green bean casserole, that's for sure!

If you read my blog, you probably already know that I've been posting each day about one thing for which I'm thankful. I'm thankful for a lot, but I've tried to focus on things which truly mean a lot to me.

Day 8
I've never been an athletic person. I have really lousy hand-eye coordination, which makes a lot of sports more difficult and frustrating, and when you combine that with a tremendous lack of confidence, you'll understand why I struck out more times than I could count, why I was usually put in right field (where I prayed the ball would never be hit) and why I was picked last in gym class constantly. (This, of course, began what I'll call the "I left my gym clothes at home" defense.)

A few times in my life I've made up my mind to start exercising. I know it's an important component of life, especially for someone like me who loves food, has a history of weight issues and suffers from high blood pressure. Strangely enough, after avoiding much physical activity for most of my life, I have discovered that I actually like exercise and working out. And as I posted last year, if you had told me when I was growing up and sneaking out of gym class that right before I turned 40 I would have run a half-marathon, I would have thought you were crazy.

I've been dealing with a hip injury for the last few months so it's seriously curtailed my ability to exercise my lower body, but thanks to a cortisone shot and physical therapy, I'm on my way to recovery. Hopefully within the next month or two I can start exercising again, because I'm actually much happier when I'm in shape. Who would have figured?

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