Thursday, September 17, 2020

Book Review: "If She Had Stayed" by Diane Byington

If you had the chance to do something over from your past, would you?

Kaley has always felt a connection to Nikola Tesla, because her grandfather once worked for the famous inventor. Now she’s the acting director of a soon-to-be-opened Tesla Museum in Colorado Springs, a job she hopes will become permanent. (Only if she can raise enough money.)

After meeting with a potential donor, she is given an antique safe, in which she finds some long-lost papers which appear to be written by Tesla himself. She can’t believe what she reads. Was he delusional or did he really time travel? Imagine how this discovery could impact the world!

Even though her mind is telling her that time travel isn't possible, Kaley’s curiosity gets the best of her, so she builds Tesla’s time machine in order to see whether his words are true. She plans to go back to her college days to change her actions around one major decision in her life.

Will she get to her past? Will she kill herself in the process? What she doesn’t count on is someone less-than-honest from her past hiding things from her.

I’m a fan of anything time travel-related so this was an interesting read, meshing science and action and character development. At times it got a little confusing, but the story definitely hooked me, and I love the nuances Diane Byington brought to the story.

I was pleased to be part of the blog tour for this book. Kate Rock Blog Tours and Diane Byington provided me with a complimentary copy in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks for making it available!!

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