Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Book Review: "Show Me the Way" by Ashley Farley

It’s such fun returning to characters you love when you read another installment in a great series! Show Me the Way, the second book in Ashley Farley's Hope Springs series was a terrific follow-up.

Presley (yeah, she's named after the King) has always known she was adopted but she’s been too afraid to find out anything about her biological parents. But when her mother dies and she finds a woman’s name and address among her papers, Presley decides it’s time to act.

She goes to Hope Springs, a charming small town in Virginia, where the woman lives. As she tries to learn more about the woman she believes is her mother, she winds up landing her dream job as an event planner at the newly restored Inn at Hope Springs Farm. It’s there she also meets Everett, the Inn’s handsome bartender, with whom she shares some intense chemistry, but she can tell he’s hiding something serious.

Everett is biding his time, hoping he’ll get another opportunity to pursue his music career. But Presley’s arrival upends things, because he knows if he can ever have a chance with her he needs to come clean about the things he’s running from.

Meanwhile, Stella, the still relatively new owner of the Inn, is worried about keeping the business afloat. She’s also not sure about the major decisions she’s making in her life, and she’s worried about one employee with a penchant for causing trouble, but she can’t act too rashly or she could ruin everything.

Hope Springs, the setting of Farley's fantastic Dream Big, Stella!, is the perfect backdrop for another round of drama and romance. I love these characters and the Inn, and I love Hope Springs so much I’d move there in real life if it really existed!!

I was honored to be part of the tour for this book. Kate Rock Book Tours and Ashley Farley provided me with an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks for making it available!

Show Me the Way publishes 9/29.

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