Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Book Review: "Majesty" by Katharine McGee

All hail Queen Beatrice of America!

Katharine McGee’s American Royals series returns with Majesty, the second book and another enjoyable installment. Beatrice has just been crowned Queen and is trying to figure out how to negotiate a role she has prepared for as long as she can remember, although she wasn't expecting to assume that role so soon.

Beatrice is the first woman to become Queen in American history, but despite living in modern times, there are some who only believe she can govern if she has a husband at her side. And her engagement is fraught with its own tensions.

As her family and the nation move through their grief, there are other issues causing stress—an employee who doesn’t seem to think Beatrice is ready to be Queen; her sister Samantha, who resists being “the spare” and resents Beatrice for so much more than that; and the tensions caused by desperate social climber Daphne.

I enjoyed this book and find the characters so engaging (except Daphne, lord). Because this is the second book there’s less background information about how everything works, which allows for more drama, tension, and character development. (That being said, I loved all of the background McGee shared in the first book.) I liked that a few of the characters really grew into their own in this book, and McGee introduced some interesting social issues into the mix.

I’m fascinated with the idea behind this series. Even when I struggled with some of the melodrama around the characters (which was a little repetitive from the first book) I just felt McGee’s storytelling was so enjoyable. This is a world I wouldn't mind being in, at least for a little while!

Can’t wait for Book 3, although a few people have said a third book isn't definite. Where do I start begging?

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