Friday, July 16, 2021

Book Review: "All Together Now" by Matthew Norman

There’s nothing like your childhood friends, so Matthew Norman proves in his newest book, All Together Now.

They were the Baltimore Prep Rejects, four best friends—Robbie, Blair, Cat, and Wade—who met in high school. But even though they all kept in touch, their lives have gotten in the way and it’s been six years since they’ve all seen each other at once.

Now in their mid-thirties, each has their own set of challenges, in marriage, career, relationships. Robbie, who is a billionaire, is dying, so he brings his friends together for one last weekend on Fenwick Island in Delaware, a place that holds so many memories for them.

When they arrive and start to learn about Robbie's condition, plus all he has done and planned for the weekend, they are devastated by his news and shocked by the depth of his plans. But it’s not too long before Robbie reveals one last component—plans to help change the course of each of their lives and move them down the path he thinks they want to go.

It’s a weekend of nostalgia, laughs, and tears, but it’s also a weekend where secrets will be revealed, lies will be uncovered, and decisions will be made. They’ll discover that there’s nothing wrong with struggling, as long as you can find the strength to move on and embrace what’s ahead.

Many of you know that I’m a gigantic sap. All Together Now isn’t a maudlin book despite the subject matter but I started tearing up early on, lol. I love books about old friends coming together after a while and discovering truths about themselves and others.

I’m a big fan of Norman's writing and his newest book definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s funny and heartwarming and hopeful and, yes, a little sad, and it kept me flipping the pages well into the night.

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