Friday, July 23, 2021

Book Review: "The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives" by Kristin Miller

What a fun, soapy read Kristin Miller's new mystery, The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives, was!!

When Brooke and her much-older, tech-magnate husband look at a mansion in a prestigious Bay Area neighborhood, they think they’ve found a home where Brooke can write her mystery novels and there won’t be a lot of interference from their neighbors. (Although the HOA rules are rather ridiculous.)

But what they didn’t realize is that one of their neighbors is Georgia, the so-called “Black Widow,” whose first two husbands died mysteriously. Many people think she’s behind their deaths even though the law has found otherwise. But now she claims to have found true love with another wealthy man, and everyone’s wondering whether she’ll strike again.

Meanwhile, Georgia’s best friend Erin, a news anchor and the HOA president, has her own issues. Jealous of Brooke’s youth and freshness, she walks off her newscaster job in a snit, hoping her husband will make her a trophy wife, too. But he’s less than enthused with her stunt, and she starts to wonder whether there’s something he’s hiding from her.

When an incident occurs after Georgia’s engagement party, Brooke starts to realize that her neighbors and friends might be the inspiration she needs to break out of her writing slump. But it’s not long before she finds herself drawn into their web, which gets crazier and crazier by the second.

No one is quite what they seem in this neighborhood…and not knowing whom to trust could be dangerous!

I had such a great time reading The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives. It reminded me of a great nighttime soap opera and I was hooked on the story, which was twisty enough to keep me guessing but not ridiculous. I love reading about the fabulously, dastardly rich. Heck, I’d even love a sequel!

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