Saturday, July 10, 2021

Book Review: "We Can't Keep Meeting Like This" by Rachel Lynn Solomon

The newest YA rom-com by Rachel Lynn Solomon, We Can't Keep Meeting Like This is a funny, sweet, and emotional look at love, friendship, family, romance, and trying to find your way.

Quinn can’t escape weddings—her family runs a successful wedding planning business and her parents have already planned her future, which includes her course of study in college and eventually joining the company full-time. How does Quinn tell them this isn’t what she wants without destroying her family? And how does she figure out what she does want?

If there’s been a plus side to being part of the family business all these years, it’s been working alongside Tarek, whose family runs the catering company they partner with. She and Tarek have been friends for years, they’ve even flirted a bit, but just before Tarek went to college Quinn sent him an email letting him know that she actually liked him—and he never responded.

Now Tarek is back for the summer and looks cuter than ever. And as angry and hurt as she was by him, Quinn can’t stop the resurgence of her feelings. He is a romantic, a fan of the grand gesture, and she hates all of that, believing love is ultimately doomed to fail. But as they grow closer and learn just how vulnerable the other is, Quinn needs to make sense of all of it—her feelings, her future plans, and her fears.

I really enjoyed We Can't Keep Meeting Like This, as I have some of Solomon's other books, including Today Tonight Tomorrow and The Ex-Talk. I love the Jewish representation she always includes and I loved the conversations around mental health, which are so important. It’s funny and emotional and these characters are really complex—sometimes Quinn is annoying, but that’s just like life!

I’m a huge fan of Solomon’s writing and can’t wait to see what’s next for her!

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