Thursday, July 8, 2021

Book Review: "Ruby Falls" by Deborah Goodrich Royce

Deborah Goodrich Royce's second novel, Ruby Falls, is a twisty, slightly creepy mystery with a gothic feel which really kept me guessing.

In 1968 when she was 6-1/2 years old, Ruby’s father abandoned her in a dark cave, a tourist attraction they were visiting. No one was sure how her father could have gotten away from her, so many thought he drowned in the cavern below.

Years later, in 1987, Ruby, now known as Eleanor, becomes a successful soap opera actress. When her run on the show ends unexpectedly, she flees to Europe, where she meets a mysterious, handsome man named Orlando, and they get married after only a few weeks of knowing each other.

Eleanor and Orlando return to Los Angeles to begin a new life. They buy a picture-perfect little house and Eleanor is ready to continue her acting career. She’s excited to land the starring role in a loose remake of Rebecca.

But as filming begins, she starts to have flashbacks from that day in the cave years ago. At the same time, her husband starts acting strangely, sometimes even meanly toward her. What secrets is he hiding? Is she in danger? What happened to her father that day years ago?

Goodrich Royce definitely kept me guessing for the entire book. I didn’t know what was memory and what was really happening, whom to trust or fear. Ruby Falls was a creepy, entertaining read, and I love the way she writes. (As an aside, since I’m a huge 80s movies fan, reading books by someone who acted in one of my absolute favorite 80s movies—Just One of the Guys—is super cool.)

Thanks to Suzy Approved Book Tours and Post Hill Press for inviting me on the tour for this book, and for giving me a complimentary copy in exchange for an unbiased review!

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