Monday, October 10, 2022

Book Review: "The 99 Boyfriends of Micah Summers" by Adam Sass

Adam Sass' newest book is all kinds of adorable.

Micah wants the fairytale. The problem is, he can never work up the courage to actually ask any of his crushes out. Instead he draws dramatic sketches of each imaginary boyfriend with a story of what their date could’ve been like, and posts it to his Instagram account, to the joy of his growing number of fans.

There have now been 99 “boyfriends.” Micah is determined that the 100th boy he meets will be the one—and he’ll be brave enough to ask him out. When he meets a handsome guy on the subway carrying two large bags of books, there’s an immediate attraction. They banter and flirt, Micah seeks the chance to make his move. But in a chaotic moment on the train, the guy gets off and Micah doesn’t, and they never had chance to exchange names or phone numbers.

The guy did, however, leave behind a gorgeous handmade leather jacket with a pumpkin on it. Micah is determined to find his mystery guy, and with the help of two friends and the internet, they follow the clues to find him, and hopefully, the start of a magical love story.

Can fairytales really come true, or are there even downsides to the fulfillment of wishes? How hard can it be to follow your heart when you see what it really wants?

I thought this was such a sweet book. I really enjoyed all of the characters and the banter between them. While you certainly know where the book will end, it’s such a fun journey to get there. I wish love stories like this existed when I was younger.

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