Saturday, October 29, 2022

Book Review: "I Take You" by Eliza Kennedy

In Eliza Kennedy's debut novel, a woman just a few days from getting married has a bit of a fidelity problem.⁣

⁣ My name is Larry and I cannot seem to DNF a book, even as it annoys me. I picked this up from a random display table called “Must-Read Fiction” and thought it definitely had possibilities. Can’t win ‘em all!!⁣

⁣ Lily is a hard-working lawyer, a good friend, and definitely a bit of a party girl. She’s engaged to marry Will—he’s a handsome archaeologist who clearly thinks Lily is everything. But as the wedding draws closer, Lily wonders how well she knows Will, and whether he’s right for her.⁣

⁣ You see, Lily has a tiny problem with sleeping with other men. She doesn’t know why, but everyone knows this about her—except Will. Should she call off the wedding, come clean about her infidelities, or just ignore it all and get married?⁣

⁣ The supporting characters are a lot of fun in this book. It did provide an interesting perspective on the double standard that exists between men and women who cheat. My problem was that I just wasn’t wild about Lily. It happens...⁣ ⁣

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