Monday, October 31, 2022

Book Review: "In the Weeds" by B.K. Borison

In the Weeds is a terrific, steamy, small-town romance with a fantastic supporting cast!

Lovelight Farms was an absolute joy of a find last year, and I’ve been meaning to get to this second book in the series for months! I was so excited to take a trip back to the small town of Inglewild.

Beckett can’t get Evie out of his mind. It was just a one-night stand (well, two nights), but there was something different about her and the way she made him feel. The last thing he expected, though, is for her to show up at Lovelight Farms.

He had no idea that Evie, from that bar in Maine, is actually Evelyn St. James, world-famous social media influencer. And she’s at the farm as part of a social media contest. But no sooner does she appear than she leaves again.

The thing is, while Evie appreciates the renown she has achieved, she seems to have lost her passion for her job, lost the happiness and her sense of purpose. To recapture it, she goes back to the last place she truly felt peace: Lovelight Farms. (Do you think that has anything to do with a sexy, brooding farmer?)

“It’s okay if it takes you some time to find it again. And it’s okay if you find it just to lose a bit of it here and there. That’s the beauty of it, yeah? It comes and goes. Not every day is a happy one and it shouldn’t be. It’s in the trying, I think.”

I loved this book so much. Beckett is definitely a new book boyfriend, but boy, do I love the people of Inglewild!!

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