Saturday, October 29, 2022

Book Review: "Built to Last" by Erin Hahn

One of my favorite YA romance writers releases her first adult romance…and it’s so good!!

Shelby was a popular child star and pop singer, starring on a hit television show. When her relationship with her costar, Lyle, ends badly, she has a bit of a public meltdown and then retreats to her childhood home in Michigan, where she recognizes her talent for restoring and improving vintage furniture.

Whenever Shelby has had a problem, her other costar, Cameron, has come running. But whenever they get close enough to act on their feelings for one another, Cameron runs again, pursuing a successful career as a nature photographer and documentarian around the world.

Five years later, Lyle tries to get Shelby and Cameron together to film the pilot of a home renovation show. Shelby is interested in showing the world that she’s moved past her messy phase and is a grown woman with real talent. Cameron is tired of running, and as much as the idea of giving in to his feelings for Shelby appeals, he doesn’t know how long he can stay. And of course, Lyle is just interested in causing trouble for the both of them.

I love second-chance romance and I’m a sucker for home renovation shows, so this was such a winner for me. As always with Erin Hahn’s books, the supporting cast is fantastic—there could be books about so many of them. There’s chemistry and banter and romance and even some steam, and I was there for all of it!

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