Sunday, March 28, 2021

Book Review: "Her Dark Lies" by J.T. Ellison

In Her Dark Lies, J.T. Ellison's latest mystery/thriller, a destination wedding turns into a serious disaster.

Claire is more than ready to marry her fiancé, Jack, and really begin their life together. But since Jack’s family is incredibly powerful, well-known, and wealthy, this won’t just be any wedding. They’ll be getting married at the family’s cliffside villa (more like a castle) on the remote Isle Isola off the Italian coast. Sounds like a fairytale, right?

Already on edge from an event that occurred before they left for Italy, when the couple arrives on the island, things immediately start to go awry. Skeletal remains are found. A massive storm threatens the island and the festivities. Jack’s family is getting threatening tweets. Claire’s wedding dress is ruined. And that’s just the beginning.

Claire isn’t sure what’s going on. Is someone trying to destroy Jack’s family or stop their marriage? Have Claire’s own secrets caught up with her, too? And what’s the real story behind Jack’s first wife? As the body count starts climbing, she doesn’t know what or whom to trust, or if at the end of it all she’ll actually get married—or survive.

Much like Lucy Foley’s The Guest List, Her Dark Lies offers a great setting for a locked-room mystery of sorts. There are lots of twists thrown at you and you don’t know ultimately whom to root for or whom to fear.

I wasn’t wild about this one, honestly. There was just so much going on, so many multiple narrators, and yet virtually no surprises. My prediction at the very start was absolutely what happened and it just seemed a bit preposterous to me. I know others loved it, though, so maybe it’s just me.

I’m starting to think thrillers and I need a time-out. It's not them, it's me.

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