Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Book Review: "Under Red Sky: The Boss" by J Calamy

Man, J Calamy's Under Red Sky: The Boss was a HOT, steamy, and intense read, with lots of emotion and action!

Since I joined Bookstagram more than two years ago I’ve been fortunate to work with some groups that organize blog tours for books. Through those groups, I’ve been lucky to find books I might never have heard of otherwise, and I'm so grateful.

That holds true for Under Red Sky: The Boss, too! Thanks to Pride Book Tours for putting it on my radar and for sending me a complimentary copy in exchange for an unbiased review!

Nick did a horrible thing in the heat of the moment—he killed a family in a traffic accident as a result of road rage—and he paid the price for it. Shunned by family and friends, he spent some time in prison and then fled the U.S. for Singapore, where he’s content being a tiny cog at the U.S. Embassy there.

But when his past is discovered, it threatens to destroy him professionally and personally until Lord Nelson Graves, a powerful shipping magnate, intervenes. Feeling guilty about nearly running Nick over with his sports car, he helps Nick land a job which puts him on a much better path and shows him he is worthy of happiness and success again.

Nick can’t help but feel drawn to Graves, even if he’s never really had an interest in men before. But Graves has secrets, too—he is the head of Red Sky, a major arms and drug dealer in Asia. He’s hunting a traitor in his midst and between that and fighting his growing attraction to Nick, he’s all over the place and doesn't know what he really wants.

This was a quick read and I was hooked from the start. There’s action, intrigue, serious sexual tension, emotion, and some immensely hot (and graphic) sex scenes, both M/M and M/F. The relationship between Nick and Graves is really fascinating—it's a younger/older thing, and I love how the book doesn't shy away from dealing with Graves' disability while still portraying him as a powerful, virile man.

I could really see this as a series on Netflix or something because of the drama and action!

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