Friday, March 5, 2021

Book Review: "This Is For Tonight" by Jessica Patrick

Jessica Patrick's upcoming This Is For Tonight is a cute YA rom-com which also explores grief, familial obligation, and even a little crafting.

Andi loves her little YouTube crafting channel, and she loves her loyal band of followers, but no one is going to mistake her for an influencer or an internet celebrity, and the biggest perk she's ever gotten was a few skeins of free yarn.

But when it becomes necessary to turn her channel into a moneymaker if she has any chance to go to her dream college with her twin brother, she needs to think of a new strategy. Making friendship bracelets might not cut it.

When she and her brother go to the famed Cabazon Valley Music Festival, she’s hoping inspiration will strike. She does get a meet-cute in the dark with a hot guy who helps her set up their tent, but the next morning she finds out she was lusting after Jay Bankar, the incredibly hot but horrible guy who hosts a popular prank program on YouTube and insults everyone. (He even pranked his own grandmother.) Andi hates everything his program stands for, so of course he’s the one she connects with!

Andi is determined to win a contest that would land her an interview with headlining band The Known, and that could launch her channel the right way. But of course, she’ll have to beat Jay and his even-more-horrible brother (not to mention ignore her growing feelings for him). At the same time, she'll have to confront the grief and insecurities she’s been feeling about the anniversary of her father’s death and the possibility of not going to her dream college.

This was a sweet, quick read, but there was also more to it than just the typical rom-com. I’m always a fan of books that give me more than I expected!

I was pleased to be part of the blog tour for This Is For Tonight. Storygram Tours, Swoon Reads, Fierce Reads, and NetGalley provided me with an advance complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks for making it available!

This Is For Tonight publishes May 4!

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