Saturday, March 13, 2021

Book Review: "Moments Like This" by Anna Gomez and Kristoffer Polaha

Moments Like This, the first book in a new series by Anna Gomez and Kristoffer Polaha, is a romantic, thought-provoking story about finding the strength to overcome grief and despair, and making the most out of life.

Andie has stopped at nothing to make partner at the venture capital firm where she’s worked. She’s sacrificed a romantic relationship, repeatedly neglected friends and family, and jeopardized her health. And when it all falls apart—including her—she needs to figure out how to move on past her disappointments and regrets.

She agrees to leave her high-pressure life in Chicago and help her best friend run her family’s coffee shop in Hawaii. Andie is immediately taken with the beauty that surrounds her and the more relaxed pace, and quickly starts to find ways to improve the shop. She misses her family but doesn't miss the hectic chaos that had become second nature to her.

Late on Christmas Eve, a lone customer comes into the store. This man, Warren, is looking for some coffee and conversation. He and Andie have an immediate connection, intense chemistry. The more time they spend together, the deeper their feelings grow for one another, even though they both know Annie eventually has to return to Chicago and the life she left behind.

Each week, Warren shows Andie how to better appreciate every moment she’s in, not to mention the beauty that surrounds her. But what secrets, what hurts are they both hiding, and how will revealing those affect any chance at happiness?

I really enjoyed this book. It was a story about strength, overcoming setbacks, and realizing the importance of those around you, as much as it is a romance. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, and the imagery the authors use reminded me how much I loved it there.

I'm grateful to have been part of the tour for Moments Like This. Storygram Tours and Rosewind Books provided me with an advance complimentary copy of the book. Thanks for making it available!

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