Sunday, November 20, 2022

Book Review: "All I Want for Christmas" by Maggie Knox

This is a sweet, emotional rom-com set in Nashville with a sweater-wearing dog named Patsy Canine. (I mean, how could you resist?)

Sadie has dreamed of a country music career for as long as she can remember, but nothing has happened. Her final shot is competing on the singing competition show “Starmaker,” which she hopes will be the start she needs.

The son of two country music stars, Max doesn’t need to appear on “Starmaker,” but he wants to do things his way. Yet to this point, despite his good looks and his pedigree, his music hasn’t excited people. He’s determined to make this chance work.

When Sadie and Max and paired up for a duet on the show, neither wants to share the spotlight. Sadie remembers meeting Max a few years ago, and the memories weren’t positive.

Their sexy, romantic duet is gold, and video of their performance nearly breaks the internet. People quickly start worshiping #Saxie and want more. So the network forces them to compete as a duet—and pretend to be in love—or they’ll be eliminated from the show. If they’ll agree, they will win.

They agree, and while magic happens when they sing together, it’s hard to pretend to be in love when you don’t like each other. Both also have their own issues to deal with. Will they last as long as they need to, or will they crack under the pressure? Or will fake love turn real?

This book had so much I loved—fake dating, family drama, a cute dog, a sexy love interest who knits, singing, etc. I really enjoyed a lot of the characters. The biggest frustration was that so much happened because of a lack of communication. But it’s still a fun story.

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