Thursday, November 17, 2022

Book Review: "Flight" by Lynn Steger Strong

Drama ensues when siblings and their families gather for the holidays.

Every Christmas, siblings Martin, Henry, and Kate, as well as their spouses and families, spend the holiday at their mother’s home in Florida. But their mother Helen died eight months ago, so for the first time, they’ve all converged at Henry’s house in upstate New York.

As to be expected when any family gathers, the same old arguments and resentments bubble up. This one hates that one’s husband, this one is too tense, this one’s kids are too wild. But this year, there’s the added burden of grief and the uncertainty of what they should do with their mother’s house, so the tension is ratcheted up a bit more.

If there’s a novel about family drama and/or dysfunction, I’m always there for it. Flight definitely had promise, but I didn’t find any of the characters appealing in any way, and the addition of another young woman and her child just served to bog the plot down for me.

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