Thursday, November 17, 2022

Book Review: "Once Upon a December" by Amy E. Reichert

She’s met the perfect man. There’s just one catch.

Astra Noel Snow loves the holidays. Even though her job as a library director is challenging and sharing custody of her dog with her manipulative ex-husband is stressful, nothing brings her more joy than spending time with her college roommates, getting the Yuletide spirit at Milwaukee’s enchanting Christmas market. (And the handsome baker who always saves some of the best kringle for her is a definite bonus.)

Jack Clausen and his family live in the Julemarked, where it’s Christmas all year-round. Once the holiday is over, those who run the market prepare for the next holiday every four weeks, and they never know where in the world the magic will take them. But Jack loves the years they wind up in Milwaukee, because he hopes he’ll see her—the beautiful woman who comes into the bakery each time, with whom he feels a special connection.

When Astra and Jack share a romantic evening, Astra feels like she’s found the man she’s been looking for. But when she returns to the market after Christmas, she finds no trace of it—or Jack—and her friends only have foggy memories of the whole thing. Did she hallucinate a magical Christmas market AND a handsome man?

When the next Christmas rolels around, and the market returns to Milwaukee, Astra learns the truth about the Julemarked and Jack. Is she willing to give up everything in her life to live with Jack in the market? Or can he sacrifice his family and the only life he’s ever known to live outside with Astra?

A sweet love story? A handsome baker? A magical Christmas market where time runs differently? This was definitely a story full of holiday spirit. Sure, you have to suspend your disbelief, but isn’t that part of the holiday magic?

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