Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Book Review: "Irresponsible Puckboy" by Eden Finley and Saxon James

Yep, another steamy hockey romance. I don’t even watch this much hockey!

Tripp and Dex are NHL teammates and best friends. They spend so much time together and are so close, most people joke that they’re secretly in love with each other. But for Tripp, it’s no joke. He’s definitely in love with Dex, even if it’s the oldest story in the world—the gay guy in love with his straight best friend. Even his closest friends, the other gay hockey players in the league, warn him about getting hurt.

To Dex, Tripp is the most important person in the world. He’s been sad when relationships have ended but he always has Tripp to turn to. But he has no idea that Tripp is actually in love with him.

When commitment-phobic Dex worries he might never get married, he comes up with a crazy scheme: he and Tripp should get married but not file the license, so he can get more comfortable with the idea. No one in their right mind would agree to that, right? Well, no one except Tripp.

And when their marriage turns out to actually be legal and the press gets wind of it, they agree to pretend to be married for a while. Otherwise, the resulting chaos could see one of them get traded, and that’s unacceptable.

Anyone want to guess what happens when you pretend to have a relationship? This is a sweet, sexy, friends-to-lovers AND fake dating story with as much fun banter as the first book in the series. I’m definitely on board for Book 3!!

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