Sunday, November 20, 2022

Book Review: "Frat Wars: Presidential Chaos" by Saxon James

Frat Wars: Presidential Chaos is a tremendously satisfying and sexy conclusion to a terrific series.

Zeke has been president of Sigma Beta Psi for a few years now. He loves the job and he loves his fraternity brothers, but with graduation not too far in the distance, he’s ready to move on. He wants to focus on pursuing his dreams of becoming an Olympic swimmer.

Charles is the president of Rho Kappa Tau, their biggest rival and usually the target of their pranks. He never really wanted to be president but agreed to step into the role. The Sigmas annoy him and his brothers but dealing with Zeke is a definite plus, although he wouldn’t admit that to anyone.

When rumors about hazing—and particularly the Sigmas’ role—surface, Zeke needs to find out who is making the false accusations and why. And while at first it looks like Charles and his fraternity might be behind the rumors, Zeke trusts they’re not responsible, and he and Charles team up to track down the troublemaker. But the closer they work together, the more they realize their feelings go beyond rivalry—and those feelings could affect both of their futures.

This series is excellent—it’s super-steamy, romantic, funny, and thought-provoking. It definitely turns some stereotypes on their head. I’ve really become a huge fan of Saxon James (she's also the co-author of the Puckboys series I'm loving)—and would love it if this wasn’t the last book in the series!!

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