Thursday, November 17, 2022

Book Review: "The Wilderwomen" by Ruth Emmie Lang

They're trying to find their mother. They may find themselves, too.

Five years ago, Nora Wilder walked away from her daughters. Her older daughter, Zadie, knew something was going on with her mother, but Nora wouldn’t tell her what it was. And even though Zadie has psychic abilities, she is unable to figure out where Nora went or what made her leave.

Zadie’s younger sister, Finn, experiences “echoes” of memories of other people when she’s in particular places. During her high school graduation party, she has her strongest echo yet, and she wakes up in the aviary of a zoo. She realizes that this memory belongs to her mother, and she thinks it’s a sign that Nora wants to be found. And regardless of what Zadie or Finn’s foster parents think, she’s determined to find Nora.

Reluctantly, Zadie agrees to accompany her sister on a trip which takes them to places Nora might have gone. And as Finn’s echoes grow more intense, Zadie has to try and figure out how to save her sister—and decide if she thinks their mother wants to be found.

This is a beautiful, emotional story with elements of magical realism. I loved Ruth Emmie Lang’s first book, Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance, and this had a similar feel. A great BOTM pick this month!

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