Thursday, February 29, 2024

Book Review: "The Connellys of County Down" by Tracey Lange

I don’t know what it means that I cannot get enough novels about dysfunctional families, but I was so glad to add this one to my list! I was a huge fan of Tracey Lange’s debut, We Are The Brennans.

Tara Connelly has just been released from prison after serving 18 months on a drug trafficking charge. She’s determined to get her life back together, but she knows her criminal history isn’t a draw for prospective employers. So she moves back into her childhood home with her two siblings and her young nephew.

Having to depend on her brother and sister is a challenge for Tara, as both have problems of their own. Her brother Eddie is still dealing with the effects of a brain injury he sustained years ago, and it’s kept him from advancing at work and enjoying life. And her older sister Geraldine, who was forced to raise her siblings after their mother’s death, tries to maintain the veneer of control in the house even as her own life is spiraling out of control.

As Tara tries to excel at a job she loves while keeping her nose clean, she also must deal with the added distraction of the cop who put her in prison, who keeps showing up in her life. She can’t figure out what he wants from her, and she’s deathly afraid of winding back up in prison. But when family secrets threaten to undo her and her siblings, they must finally trust one another—or they’ll all pay the price.

This is a very character-driven book, although the drama and the secrets make it even more compelling. I found this a really satisfying story, and I know I’ll keep reading whatever Lange writes. Thanks to Celadon Books for the complimentary copy!

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