Thursday, February 29, 2024

Book Review: "Right on Cue" by Falon Ballard

Over the last few years, Falon Ballard has definitely become an auto-buy author for me. Her rom-coms have fantastic banter, terrifically memorable characters, and some eye-opening steam. And her latest book is no exception!

Emmy is the daughter of a legendary Hollywood couple. While her own acting career crashed and burned quite early, she’s found happiness as a screenwriter of romantic comedies, although a foray into more serious drama won her an Oscar.

She’s excited that her latest script will be directed by her best friend Liz. But when they’re unable to find an actress suitable to play the leading lady, Emmy is pressed into service. It’s her first acting job in more than 10 years and she’s nervously looking forward to it, especially to act opposite a close friend of hers.

When she arrives on location for the first run-through, she’s met with an unpleasant surprise: her leading man will now be played by Grayson West, one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood and his action films are blockbusters. While any actress should be delighted to have him as her costar, Emmy hates him, as she blames him for her horrible film debut.

As soon as they interact, sparks fly—but not in a good way—and it looks like this may spell disaster for the film. Although there’s no question they’re attracted to one another, is there a way they can get past the tension and save the movie—and maybe even turn film romance into reality?

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