Thursday, February 29, 2024

Book Review: "Happily Never After" by Lynn Painter

The first time Sophie sets eyes on Max, he stands up at her wedding and objects to it going forward, sharing information about her fiancé’s infidelity. The crowd is shocked, the groom denies any wrongdoing—but Max tells Sophie the proof is on her fiancé’s phone. And then the wedding is called off.⁣

⁣ Sophie isn’t surprised by Max’s appearance at her wedding, perhaps because her best friend paid him to stop it. Max has a part-time gig as an objector—he is hired to stop weddings, usually by one of the intended or a close friend or relative, because they don't usually feel they can call it off themselves.⁣

⁣ Sophie thinks being an objector sounds like a pretty cool job, especially because she no longer believes in love. In her post-wedding drunkenness, she offers to help Max if he ever needs her. And although she is surprised when he resurfaces, her reluctance gives way to enthusiasm when he explains why they were hired to stop this particular wedding. (And then she got to put the bride in a headlock.)⁣

⁣ Of course, the more time they spend with one another, the more their chemistry intensifies. But even though they’re attracted to one another, there aren’t any romantic feelings attached, right? Yeah, sure, okay.⁣

⁣ Swoon. I love Lynn Painter’s books and this may be my new favorite. These characters are amazing and their banter rocks, plus the steam is utterly sizzling. The supporting characters are a hoot, too.

My thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Romance for the advance copy; the book publishes 3/12.⁣

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