Saturday, February 10, 2024

Book Review: "Ready or Not" by Cara Bastone

Is it sweet and emotional in here or is it just me? Well, if you love rom-coms that make you smile, swoon, and maybe even tear up, give Ready or Not a try!

Eve is rarely an impulsive person. But her one-night fling with a handsome bartender is exactly what she needed. Although the last thing she expected was to find out a few weeks later that she is actually expecting. As in, a baby.

With her siblings living in Michigan (and they don’t seem to get her anyway) and her best friend Willa unable to provide the emotional support Eve was hoping for, a savior emerges: Shep, Willa’s older brother. The three grew up together and he’s currently living with Willa and her husband as he deals with his own issues.

As Eve tries to figure everything out—telling the baby’s father, continuing to work, starting to realize how much a baby costs—Shep is there by her side. It’s really what she needs, considering that Ethan (the baby’s father) is vacillating between wanting to be involved and running away. And maybe it’s just the pregnancy hormones, but why does she suddenly want to jump Shep’s bones?

There were so many moments in this book that made me grin and had me feeling emotional (sometimes simultaneously). It really was utterly charming, fun, even a bit steamy, and just so good!

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