Friday, February 16, 2024

Book Review: "Lucky Bounce" by Cait Nary

You didn’t think I’d go another month without a hockey romance, did you? I stumbled upon this book and fell head over heels into a puddle of emotions and steam.

As a P.E. teacher at a private school in Philadelphia, Zeke is used to dealing with children of wealthy, even famous parents or grandparents. But his composure is tested the day his favorite hockey player, Spencer McLeod—the guy whose name and number are on four jerseys Zeke owns—walks into school with his five-year-old daughter, Addie.

Spencer McLeod has a daughter? Who knew? Certainly not Zeke, who is only interested in Spencer’s hockey prowess, right? (Spoiler alert: that’s not all Zeke admires about Spencer.)

Something about Spencer’s shyness, his lack of confidence in the whole fathering-a-young-daughter thing, totally disarms Zeke. It’s not long before their dude/bro friendship is giving Zeke glimpses into the possibility of something he can’t believe possible, something romantic with Spencer. But both have their own challenges to deal with, too.

Zeke and Spencer have fantastic chemistry and an absolutely adorable connection. Sure, the book might have benefited from being narrated from Spencer’s POV, too, but I still found myself smiling, blushing from the steam, and maybe shedding a tear. And that’s about all I need from a romance!

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