Saturday, February 10, 2024

Book Review: "Five Years from Now" by Paige Toon

It’s already an established fact that I’m a complete sap; needless to say, I loved this book so much! It was everything I expected and yet it surprised me at certain points as well.

When their parents fall in love, Nell and Van suddenly find themselves thrown together constantly. They’re both 10-year-old only children, unused to sharing their parent’s attention or anything else. But it’s not long before they become inseparable best friends, much like siblings—until tragedy strikes and Van moves far, far away.

Five years pass before they see one another again. Distance has eroded their bond a bit, but it’s been replaced by something else—an attraction that goes far beyond sibling-like feelings. They realize they’re meant to be together, but once again, life intervenes and they are separated.

It seems like they are reunited for one reason or another every five years. Each time they see each other, they realize the intensity of their feelings for each other. But as their lives and circumstances change, they must decide if their love is worth risking and changing everything, or if they're better off apart.

This was a fantastic story, romantic, emotional, thought-provoking, and a bit steamy. I’ve wanted to read one of Paige Toon’s books for a while; now that I have, I know I’ll be back for more!

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