Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Book Review: "Decanted" by Linda Sheehan

And another book keeps me up late because I can’t stop reading—Decanted by Linda Sheehan. This was really entertaining.

Samantha loves wine. She loves learning about new varieties and she has an exceptional palate for nuances and flavors. She dreams of a career in the wine industry and hopes to get her accounting firm to consider branching out into that industry.

One day, inspired by the memory of her spirited great-aunt Vivian, she quits her high-pressure accounting job and goes to France, to help a renowned family harvest their grapes. It’s hard work in a gorgeous setting (the family’s handsome son doesn’t hurt) and she learns so much about the business—not to mention about love.

Julien takes her all over France to understand how different wines are made, and what differentiates exceptional wine from good wine. It's an incredible, invaluable education. But when she leaves France suddenly she’s more determined than ever to make her own wine—and make it exceptional. She’ll need hard work, luck, confidence, and more inspiration from Aunt Vivian.

Meanwhile, snippets throughout the book show Vivian, a young woman who goes to pre-WWII Paris to escape the boring life her parents want for her. There she becomes an artist’s muse and finds herself in the midst of some extraordinary situations.

Decanted was a great story about following your dreams and believing in yourself against all odds. I learned so much about wine (the author is co-owner of a winery in Napa so she knows her stuff) and boy, this book made me hungry! It’s a hopeful, emotional, sexy, enjoyable book.

Suzy Approved Book Tours, Linda Sheehan, and Black Rose Writing provided me with a complimentary advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review. (Sheehan also sent a bottle of wine!) Thanks so much for making it available!!

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