Monday, May 31, 2021

Book Review: "Very Sincerely Yours" by Kerry Winfrey

The upcoming rom-com from Kerry Winfrey, Very Sincerely Yours, was just absolutely adorable.

When Teddy’s boyfriend ends their five-year relationship and asks her to move out of their home, it completely throws her for a loop. Sure, she’s spent most of her time doing whatever he wanted and trying to please him, but that’s what people in a relationship do, right?

She quickly finds out no one liked her controlling ex-boyfriend, but now she’s at a dead end of sorts. She enjoys her job working in a vintage toy store, but is that a real career? What does she actually want from life? What is her “thing”?

One thing she does enjoy is watching episodes of a local children’s television show, more because she finds the host, Everett, to be handsome and he seems to have all the answers. (She’s not the only adult female enamored of Everett—there are message boards of suburban moms talking lustfully about him.)

She decides to write Everett and ask for advice. It’s rare that he receives a letter from an adult that isn’t sexual in nature, so he’s excited. The two begin corresponding and it becomes a highlight for both of them, so they decide to take the next step and meet.

As Teddy searches for purpose, Everett is at a crossroads with his career and life, too. He's always known what he wanted to do, and he has an opportunity to expand the show. But has he sacrificed everything else in his life for the sake of his career?

Can two people unsure of what they want from life and their futures find a secure footing for happiness?

I really loved this. I’m a huge fan of Kerry Winfrey’s—she creates such unique characters who could be annoying in other people’s hands, but she makes their quirks endearing. Teddy and Everett's relationship and the story follows the path you might expect, but their flaws make everything a little more interesting.

b>Very Sincerely Yours was the perfect book to put a smile on my face and a tear (or two) in my eye!

NetGalley and Berkley provided me with a complimentary advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks for making it available!!

The book releases 6/15.

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