Thursday, May 20, 2021

Book Review: "The Soulmate Equation" by Christina Lauren

Can science help determine who we’re best suited for? That's the question at the heart of The Soulmate Equation, Christina Lauren's latest romance. They get their science on and I loved every minute of it. This is definitely one of my new favorites of theirs!

"Have you ever wondered what a soulmate truly is? Is love a quality you can quantify?"

Jess is a single mother and a freelance statistician. Her grandparents raised her and are helping her raise her daughter. Sure, she wishes from time to time she had someone else in her life, someone to share in the big and small moments with, but when is there time to date? How can she find the right person without sacrificing her relationship with her daughter?

She and her best friend Felicity learn about a new company, GeneticAlly, which matches you to people based on your DNA. On a whim one night she submits her DNA and finds out that she has 98-percent compatibility with a person in the company’s database. It’s unheard of. And with whom does she match? Dr. River Peña, a geneticist who is one of the company’s founders.

The thing is, she knows River. Despite his magnetic handsomeness, he’s aloof, sometimes rude, and he once said she was “average.” She can’t believe they matched genetically, and neither can he. But with just a few months before the company’s IPO, GeneticAlly makes Jess an offer: get to know River, see if there’s a spark. And they’ll pay her.

Swept up in the publicity around this near-perfect match, Jess and River do get to know one another, and they realize the façade everyone sees isn’t the real person. Maybe science does know something about compatibility?

My fellow romance/rom-com fans can see the arc of the story, but it doesn’t matter. I loved everything about The Soulmate Equation—the love story, the supporting characters, even the sciency stuff. Christina Lauren’s books often have this inexplicable mix of steam, sensitivity, and emotion I just love.

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